How to Order Products and Parts:

  1. Browse Our Products
    • Browse our products by clicking on the navigation bar.
    • Once the type of product has been selected, then you will be able to click on any or all of the following links: More Info, Customize and Buy, Show all Sizes, and Parts.
    • The Links button is also located on the navigation bar. This gives you access to diagrams of the products, schematics, fan sizer, operation manuals for our products, and a pre-wire drawing generator.

  2. Browse Our Parts
    • If you know the product model for which a part is needed:
      • Find the product for which you need replacement parts by using the product navigation menu, then click on the Parts button.
      • Click on the model number to see a list of parts for that product.
      • The replacement parts page will appear and will list parts for the unit itself. It also has other links available at the top of the page.
      • You will see a link for Motors, Pulleys, & Motor Specific Parts. Use this link if you need a motor, pulley, or disconnect switch.
      • For supply fans and heaters, there is an additional link on this page for Intakes & Intake Parts. This is where you can find hood awnings, trunklines, evap. coolers, and v-banks as well as all their component parts.
      • On applicable heaters, you will also see a link for Temperature Controls, as well as a link for Gas Manifold Parts.
    • If you know the Part number or Part type:
      • Enter the part number or name into the Search box at the top right corner and then click on the Go button.
      • Select Part Search at the top right corner and a screen will appear that offers greater search capabilities.
      • You can also click on the Parts Catalog button at the top right corner to browse by categories.

  3. Add Desired Item to Your Cart:
    • Once you select the desired item, then you will need to enter a number in the quantity box. Then click on Add, Order, or Add to Cart button.
    • The product or part will be added to your cart and a details screen will be displayed.
    • An ongoing display is also displayed in the top right portion of the page along with the Order number. This is also a link that will take you to the order details page.

  4. Working With Your Cart:
    • At any time, you can click on the Current Order link in the top right corner to bring up your details screen.
    • In order to change the quantity of the item, you need to enter the new desired quantity and then click on Update Order.
    • If you would like to remove an item from your cart, then check the Remove box for the item and then click on Update Order.

  5. Submitting Your Order:
    • To submit your order for processing, you need to Checkout. Click on the Checkout link in the top right corner or click on the Checkout link on the details screen of your cart.
    • Please reference How to Check Out for more detailed instructions on processing your order.
    • Note: Please login at the top right corner if you are set up to receive a discount when shopping through our e-commerce site.


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Call 1.866.433.8335 for a friendly customer service representative that can customize your exhaust fan, heater or supply air package while providing you a fast quotation including drawings and submittal packages. Our product line includes UL and ANSI listed commercial and industrial exhaust fans, heaters, make-up air units, motors and more with a two year warranty.