Grease Duct Specification


Furnish single-wall, factory built, grease duct for use with Type I kitchen hoods, which conforms to the requirements of NFPA-96. Products shall be ETL listed to UL-1978 for venting air and grease vapors from commercial cooking operations as described in NFPA-96.

The duct wall shall be constructed of .036 and .047 thick stainless steel and be available in diameters 8" through 24".

All supports, fan adapters, hood connections, fittings and expansion joints required to install grease duct shall be included.

Roof penetrations shall comply with listed clearance to combustibles, see "Clearance to Combustibles" guide for details. The grease duct will terminate at the fan adapter plate, will be fully welded to the fan adapter plate and the fan adapter plate will be fastened to the curb using a suitably sized fastener provided by others; see page 12 of the "Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual" for details.

Grease duct joints shall be held together by means of formed vee clamps and sealed with 3M Fire Barrier 2000+. Screws used to secure the vee clamps shall be of the hex-head type with flanged stops and tapered "lead in" threads for easy starting. Nuts shall be retained by means of a free-floating cage to allow easy alignment.

Single-Wall Grease Duct shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's "Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual", ETL listing and state and local codes.

Grease duct installed outside of the building shall be protected against accidental damage or vandalism.

Support vertically installed grease duct from the building structure using rigid structural supports. Anchor supports to the structure by welding or bolting steel expansion anchors or concrete inserts. Support horizontally installed grease duct from the building structure using above method. 1/2" Threaded rod and saddles may also be used for the support of horizontal grease duct.

Fans shall be supported independently from the grease duct sections. Protect grease duct from twisting or movement caused by fan torque or vibration.

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