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Island Exhaust Hood

with Front & Back Supply Plenum

Meets the Challenges of Open Floor Plan


The island style ventilator meets the challenges of any open floor plan cooking application. The one-piece hood with double wall insulated front and rear, along with insulated end standoffs provides clearance to combustibles and increased rigidity.

  • 1" insulated end stand-offs for clearance to combustible
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel filters
  • Design Directs Air into Filters
  • Exposed Corners Ground and Polished to Match Grain of Ventilator
  • Grease Drain System
  • Pre-punched Hanging Angles
  • Factory Pre-wired Lighting
  • Face Mounted Controls Optional
  • Exceptional Lead Times


The front and rear make-up air plenum ensures proper capture and containment of cooking vapors, while preventing excessive amounts of HVAC air from being exhausted.

  • Low Discharge Velocities
  • Directs Air into Hood's Capture Area
  • Even Distribution of Air Across Length of Canopy Hood
  • Stainless Steel Construction to Match Canopy Hood


  • Stainless steel wrapper which encloses area between top of hood and ceiling.
  • Utility cabinet can house electrical package and fire suppression.


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