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Wall Canopy Exhaust Hood

with Front Perforated Supply Plenum

Most Efficient Make-Up Air in the Industry


The canopy style wall ventilator with front supply plenum provides maximum efficiency through low exhaust rates and the most effective make up air delivery in the industry. The automated production process ensures fast and consistent construction.

  • Standard Built in rear 3" stand-off
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum baffle filters
  • Double Wall, Insulated Front
  • Grease Drain System
  • Pre-punched Hanging Angles
  • Factory Pre-wired Lighting
  • Exceptional Lead Times


The front make up air plenum ensures proper capture and containment of cooking vapors, while preventing excessive amounts of HVAC air from being exhausted.

  • Low Discharge Velocities
  • Directs Air into Hood's Capture Area
  • Even Distribution of Air Across Length of Canopy Hood
  • Stainless Steel Construction to Match Canopy Hood


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