Frequently Asked Questions - Captrate® Combo and Solo Filters

1. Should the two-stage Captrate� Combo filter be assembled for use?
  Yes, both the baffle component and the second stage filter component should be assembled before use. To assemble the two pieces, slide the baffle component into the channels in the second stage component. A small snap button couples the baffle component to the second stage filter component.

2. Should the two stages of the Captrate� Combo Filter be separated for cleaning?
  Yes, both the baffle component and the second stage filter component should be separated to ensure thorough cleaning.

3. Should the Captrate� Solo Filter be separated for cleaning?
  The Captrate� Solo filter is a single unit assembly and does not require the components to be separated for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Can the Captrate� Combo and Solo Filters fit into an existing hood?
  Filters are sized to fit into standard two inch deep hood channels and can be used to retrofit existing hoods.

5. How was the filter collection efficiency determined for the Captrate� Combo and Solo Filters?
  The filters were tested to ASTM Standard F 2519-05 by an independent third party. The purpose of the ASTM Standard is to determine the grease collection efficiency of filters used in commercial kitchens to capture grease effluent prior to entering the grease duct.

6. Are the filters listed to a nationally recognized test standard?
  Yes, UL Standard 1046.

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